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  • Maree, Maretha (1998-09-04)
    BACKGROUND ON NAMIBIA Namibia is the last colony in Africa to attain Independence. The Republic of Namibia, lying across the Tropic of Capricorn, has a population of about 1.8 million and covers an area of 824.292 sq ...
  • Tsoubaloko, Francois Haipinge (National Youth Council of Namibia, 2001-08-31)
    ARTS DEFINITION AND PROMOTION IN NAMIBIA Before I emphasize on arts, I would like to enlighten on three famous words by defining them one by one as they have interconnection and related to arts. Their utilization becomes ...
  • Shiyukifeni, Aino Taati Nalitye (2005)
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  • Fumanti, Mattia (2003)
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  • Nkwi, Walter G. (University of Namibia, 2017)
    For a very long time, African history has suffered from Eurocentric biases so much so that the history and civilisation of this continent was understood as European activities. Historians of Africa paid scant attention to ...